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I work as an Artist, Photographer and Designer with post – graduate training in both Printmaking and Photography. I have exhibited my work extensively and continue to work on a broad range of projects which include:


  • Socially Engaged Artist for Heartlands Regeneration Project in Cornwall
  • Socially Engaged Artist for SixtyEightyThirty (608030) supports women in Northumberland experiencing domestic abuse or violence.
  • Mural in Bitts park for Carlisle City Council
  • Title sequence movie for the Drama series Lenny Blue Starring Ray Winstone for Granada Television
  • Artwork title for T.V. screen play Dread Poets Society starring Benjamin Zephaniah – BBC TV creating

I am presently living and working in the Outer Hebrides. I am working in collaboration with Artist Photographer John Kippin on the photographic residency ‘In This Day and Age’ located in North Uist, supported by a Leverhulme Fellowship.

 Click the link to read the Blog which provides the back ground to this project and an ongoing account of this photographic journey.


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